I'm finally moving back to my company's only proper office, down from the concrete paradise of Bloor Street to the gloriousness of the waterfront. Hurrah to me!

Two moves that would make the Toronto Maple Leafs a real playoff team - Shanaplan Debate
Not a fake playoff team like those other years.

Maple Leafs Prospects: It's Finally Kapanen's Year To Shine - Editor in Leaf
Ride the wave Kapi!

10 of our favorite moments from the 2015-2016 season - Raw Charge
I would assume the end to Stamkos Watch would have to be one of them.

2015-16 Pensburgh Recap: Jim Rutherford - PensBurgh
A slyer their than Sly Cooper.

Devils Will Need Their Youth to Power the Bottom Six - All About The Jersey
On the Hamster Wheels kids! Elias needs to watch his stories!

Down Goes Brown: Why Canadians don't get all that excited for the Summer Olympics
Because Canada is bad at them compared to the winter games.

Down Goes Brown: Five more blockbusters that apparently almost happened
Almost is only close in hand grenades and something or others.

There are your links. I hope you enjoy them.