Aw poor Leafs, losing another game. A bad bounce over Marner’s stick costing us the potentially game winning goal. Oh well.

Some quick links for you today on Friday:

You can check out the recaps of the game from all your favourite sources: PPP and St. Louis Game Time.

Hockey something New Jersey? Whatever In Lou We Trust is called now has an article with a good headline: There Is No Magic Free Agent Defender to Solve Our Problems

Jeff at TLN looks at the non stop talk about Anaheim’s magic defenders.

Litter Box Cats mentions us!

Matchsticks & Gasoline ponders the future of Mark Giordano

Also despite M&G’s love for him, Matthew Tkachuk is a shit-weasel.

The Phanuef trade anniversary from the losing side.

Chowdah with the Claude Julien to Montreal speculation.

The Colour of Hockey looks at UAE team member Fatima Al Ali’s trip to Washington.

Last Word on Sports takes a look at the Atlantic Division.

And finally, Fear the Fin wants us to not become part o the NHL’s Olympic PR battles.

Miss the game? Here’s the game in six.