Hello PPP! I’ve been away the past five days doing some home renovations. We bought a 100 year old house eight years ago and have been slowly redoing each room, and our final challenge is the bathroom. It’s teensy tiny (4’ x 8’) and has been a challenge.

It’s a lot like rebuilding a 100 year old hockey team. You first look at what you’ve inherited. Some okay parts you can salvage but the lot has just got to go.

You demo the shit out of it, tearing down walls that are moldy, ripping up layer, after, layer, after layer of flooring - almost like the previous owners never wanted to do a true tear down / rebuild.

Once this is done it looks daunting. Exposed pipes, bare floors, dirt, dust, everywhere.

You build your essentials first. The walls and supports are redone. The floor goes down. You plumb the pipes. You get yourself a good framework you can live with for years.

When you have the core assembled, you begin to decorate. You pick some wainscoting, something that brightens up the room and cans till hide some of the imperfections - the place is over a century old, nothing’s square, it’s quirky, you know?

You put up some wallpaper, making sure to get the kind that’s easy to take down, in case your tastes change.

The tub surround goes up, protecting the vital parts from any damage that may occur.

Finally the furniture goes in. The ever dependable toilet, the vanity, sink, mirrors.

You’re done, it’s a success!

Until you go down to the basement and stand under the toilet drain when someone flushes. Then your leaks are exposed.

Excuse me, I have to go shower.

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