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Leafs vs. Sabres Recap: Rielly Down, Leafs Win Anyway | PPP
"The win obviously pales in importance next to the potential injury to Rielly, who is the Leafs’ minute leader this year and a key to their defence. He’s not perfect, but the Leafs do not have much defence depth, and if Rielly is out for any extended period, they’re going to have struggles."

Maple Leafs hope Morgan Rielly injury isn't too serious | Toronto Sun
“We’ll know more tomorrow when he’s looked at,” Babcock said. “What happens when there’s an injury, you play fewer guys more ... So we have to manage this well, I don’t know if he’s out a week or 10 days or a month.”

Maple Leafs’ Morgan Rielly leaves game with injury, will not return | Sportsnet
Not good.

Analyzing the outlooks of five rebuilding NHL teams | Sportsnet
"Like it or not "tanking" is a reality in today's NHL, but that doesn't mean every rebuilding team is undertaking that unsavoury process. There are stages to a rebuild and they don't always stay on track. In fact, it can be more of a bumpy road than a track."

Mirtle: How the Leafs are on pace to set some NHL rookie records | The Athletic
(Subscription content.) "There’s one massive season from Matthews, three rookies with 20-plus goals, four with 40-plus points and an impressive six with more than 15 minutes a game ice time. Plus a Goat, which is unique given goats normally don’t play hockey."

Toronto Maple Leafs: Recent Success Obscures Underlying Issues | Editor in Leaf
"All the talk of the Leafs defensive woes has gone right out the window with the team winning. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those issues aren’t still there."

Jake Gardiner making the most of his opportunity, stats say: Players to watch in second half | National Post
"Gardiner, who plays 20:37 per night, is carrying Connor Carrick on Toronto’s second defence pairing. Case in point: In the 152 5-on-5 minutes in which Carrick has skated without his regular partner, there has been a sizable drop in Carrick’s personal possession metrics (55% with Gardiner versus 48% without Gardiner) and the team’s goal differential (58.8 goals-for percentage with Gardiner vs. 43.0 without)."

The Not Leafs

Jack Capuano: An Uncommon Coach for the Common Player | LHH
"Jack Capuano didn’t fit into either camp. When he talked, he gave off the impression of a lifer, and his many AHL years and cup of coffee in the NHL provided the bonafides. But he didn’t have that same hard edge that a Ruff or Sutter has. He seemed less like a drill sergeant and more like a substitute teacher."

Post-Capuano, Snow feeling the heat, Islanders evaluating for summer | LHH
"One thing left unspoken during Snow’s conference call with media Tuesday afternoon, and another reason to make the move now: This season is essentially a loss."

Jujhar Khaira's first goal was a win for NHL diversity and hard workers everywhere | SBN
"Khaira is Canadian (born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia) but of Indian descent. Only three players in NHL history have that to boast about; Khaira is the third."

NHL 100: Tales from the police blotter | CBC
"In the latest edition of NHL 100, a weekly series from The Canadian Press, we examine some of the more unforgettable, sad, and sobering tales from the police blotter."

Teemu Selanne, Joe Sakic named to IIHF Hall of Fame | NHL
“Teemu Selanne and Joe Sakic were among those named to the International Ice Hockey Hall of Fame on Tuesday."

A more seasoned, dependable Jonathan Drouin takes center stage for Lightning | Tampa Bay Times
"But what might be more telling is that Drouin was put on the ice to protect a lead in a 2-1 win over the Kings. That hasn't happened often the past few years, showing how far the 21-year-old has come, at least in the minds of the coaches."

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On hockey fandom, safe spaces, and the Troll Toll. | SCOC
"[H]ockey fandom increasingly has a dark side. One that has nearly killed me on several occasions; one that has seen me suffer suicidal thoughts, sleepless nights, and affect my relationships and sanity. Dealing with hockey fandom takes a literal toll on peoples’ well being."