In case you haven’t heard, the Maple Leafs’ newly shorn 2017 first-round pick Timothy Liljegren signed an entry-level contract yesterday. The question of where he will play next season remains; Katya has a piece that discusses his options (spoiler alert: Seldo’s dream of having him in Niagara will probably not come to fruition).

We’ll talk about Liljegren in more depth in the future, including during our upcoming Top 25 Under 25, but for now I’m going to attempt to answer the (extremely important) question of what we can expect from our newest signing in terms of fashion. The initial results of skimming his Instagram were not stellar:

Heading back to Sweden after a fun week in buffalo 🇺🇸 #combine

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At least he knows how to wear a hat, unlike his friend there. Plus, this is right before a trans-Atlantic flight. Nobody looks their best while traveling. Let’s try something more relaxed:

En liten fika mellan varven ☕️

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We’re just going to bypass the Kings hat (this was from February, he didn’t know any better!) and appreciate this relaxed, casual look for what it is. An underrated detail is the black and gold tones of his watch picking up the same colors in his hat, which does a nice job of tying the look together. Casual doesn’t have to mean uncoordinated.

Studentfirande med brushan, idag är det jag som får ta hand om honom 😉

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He also has fine taste in sunglasses. I think with some proper coaching and mentoring by his more fashionable future teammates, Liljegren’s wardrobe will turn out just fine. Let’s hope the same can be said for his hockey.

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