Good morning, all. It’s August. Nothing is happening. Connor Brown still hasn’t signed. The Maple Leafs still haven’t traded anyone.

Actual gif of what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks

Freddie Andersen, on the other hand, has a new mask. Let’s admire it.

Simple. Classic. It has lightning bolts for some reason, although I personally think it’s already hard enough to tell the Leafs and Bolts uniforms apart. It’s fine.

On to today’s links!


Butcher wouldn’t but Toninato said why not - Pension Plan Puppets
Sign with the Avs that is.

2017 Top 25 Under 25: #13 Jeremy Bracco - Pension Plan Puppets
The Memorial Cup champion leaves behind junior hockey and faces a huge challenge in the AHL.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: International players in the CWHL - Pension Plan Puppets
Plus les Canadiennes made a bunch of moves and Team Canada and USA U-18s play at Lake Placid this weekend.

Stuff We Didn’t Write

Toronto Maple Leafs: What's next on the Schedule
The Toronto Maple Leafs 2017-18 season is rapidly approaching, I know that's weird, but we have a few items coming up on the schedule.

After blowback, CBS Radio Las Vegas stations will mention the new Golden Knights [updated]
After an initial decision not to mention the Golden Knights after losing out on their broadcast rights, CBS Radio Las Vegas has reversed course.

Trademark Law as a Weapon Against Neo-Nazis | Tampa Bay Legal Examiner
Interesting breakdown of a potential legal basis for the Red Wings' suit against the neo-Nazi group appropriating their logo.

Oilers sign Leon Draisaitl to 8-year, $68-million extension - Globe and Mail
I’m betting William Nylander’s agent cracked open some champagne last night.

Pair of Canucks will lace up for South Korea's women's hockey in Pyeongchang - CBC
When Caroline Park received a Facebook message in 2013 asking her if she would be interested in playing women's hockey for South Korea at the Olympics, she thought it was fake. Four years later, the forward is months away from trading her stethoscope for hockey skates at the 2018 Winter Games.

Kenora ice policies shutting out women's hockey league, spokesperson says - CBC
The Kenora Women's Hockey League has dwindled from 50 or 60 players to around 12 thanks to a Friday night ice time, Jill Van Toen said.