Look, you can see the name on the byline and Hayley fucking Wickenheiser has been at dev camp all week — if you thought I was going to talk about anyone else you must be new here. (Welcome!) You can return to your regularly scheduled John Tavares circus tomorrow, don’t worry.

Wick turned up at camp this week, helping to run drills and coach scrimmages. The usual internet trolls had questions about what a woman can teach the Leafs prospects. Those same trolls would be appalled if I pointed out that Auston Matthews plays a very women’s hockey style of game. Not a lot of hitting, (but plenty of puck battles) a lot of movement, excellent hand-eye co-ordination, and a lot of scoring close to the net.

Wickenheiser spoke to the media after yesterday’s scrimmages:

She revealed that Dubas invited her to camp a few months ago, and that they’d talked a few times since then. As well, she indicated that she’d be open to a continuing relationship with the Leafs, if it made sense. Her focus is on individual player development more than bench coaching, although she said that she thought there were a few women who would be both able and willing to step behind an NHL bench. (One of the coaches she may have been thinking of could be her former national team teammate and her coach when she was with the University of Calgary Dinos, Hall of Famer Danielle Goyette.)

Another thing Wickenheiser brings to the camp is that her son Noah is 18. (Pause, while some of us feel very very old.) She deals with guys around the same ages as these prospects every day - I’m sure her Momvoice is on point. Really if Hayley Wickenheiser is Momvoicing you while you’re on the ice, you’re probably going to pay attention right quick.

Prospect Brady Ferguson, a kid from Texas who was with the Marlies for five games this year on an ATO and signed an AHL contract with them last week mentions her in his interview today as well:

There would be a few obstacles to Wickenheiser joining the Leafs. First, she’s still aiming for medical school, which wouldn’t leave her a lot of free time. Second, Wick is known for being very forthright. She’s not as blunt in this interview as she has been in others but considering that Dubas seems to want to continue Lou’s tradition of playing cards close to the chest, the Leafs might not be the best fit for her.

Still, if the Leafs could work something out and they could get a legend like Wickenheiser on the development staff, it would be both a boost for the team and a large step forward for the NHL.


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I leave you with Hayley Wickenheiser’s ideas  (circa 2015) of what makes the perfect hockey player.

It’s supposed to be a hot one in the GTA today, so it’s a good day for ice in your drink or to go find ice at your local rink. Happy Friday!