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Pension Plan Puppets writer from 2015-2019 focusing on the Toronto Furies, the CWHL, and other women's hockey news. Back for PPP 2.0. (she/her)

Toronto's Picks in 1st PWHL Draft

Learn about Toronto's PWHL picks here.

Toronto drafts Jocelyne Larocque second overall in the PWHL draft

With Toronto's first ever PWHL draft pick, GM Gina Kingsbury selected defender Jocelyne Larocque.

Monday FTB: We'll get you in Utica

It was a hard-fought, stressful game last night in Brampton. Canada struck first and shot most, but it was Hilary Knight's night.

GDT: Canada goes for gold

Join us as we watch Team Canada take on Team USA for World Championship gold and recap the elimination rounds.

Brampton 2023: How to watch the IIHF Women’s World Championships

One upside to having all games in the same rink is that there are no games that overlap each other. In what I think is a first, in English Canada only one game in the entire tournament will not be broadcast on TV, and that game will be available on

Brampton 2023: Round robin wrap-up

So far at the 2023 IIHF Women's World Championships, we've had twenty games in seven days. From the relegated teams in ninth and tenth place, through to Canada in first, here's how things look.

Preview: The lowdown on Women's Worlds

Highlights, context, and games to watch for the 2023 IIHF Women's World Championships.

Women’s hockey games and where to find them: a schedule for 2019-20

We’ve got all the dates in one place for your bookmarking needs!

PWHPA players talk the future, their upcoming games and NWHL expansion

Sarah Nurse, Emily Janiga and Carolyne Prévost talk about their time with the PWHPA so far.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Hayley Wickenheiser inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame

The world’s greatest player becomes the seventh woman inducted.

Recap: Bruins outduel Leafs 4-2

One excellent period was not enough.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Delivering a message on and off the ice

It’s been kind of a week in women’s hockey. On Thursday, Budweiser teamed up with the PWHPA to bring more visibility to their mission and try to attract more support both at the grassroots and the corporate level. What is otherwise an excellent video is somewhat marred by

Recap: Maple Leafs lose to Flyers 3-2 (SO)

Leafs lose the coinflip and Mitch Marner.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Promoting the game

Canada vs USA games should be the easiest sell in the sport, so why aren’t they being sold better?

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: The NHL’s “plan” for a women’s league

The news in Friedman’s report might not be what you think.

Recap: Maple Leafs fall 5-2 to the Canadiens

Tyson Barrie turnovers lead to a few third period goals against.

GDT: Maple Leafs vs Habs

Can any team start on time against a team that takes forever to drop the puck?

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: What’s in a name?

The Chicago PWHPA showcase was home to some thrilling hockey, and some not so thrilling errors from the announcers.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: The Damkronorna have a deal!

The Swedish Women’s National Team will have their first practice the weekend of the now-cancelled Four Nations Cup.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: From learning to play to building a Dream

On IIHF World Girls Hockey Weekend, both girls and women are out to play.

Preseason Recap: Maple Leafs ground Red Wings 5-0

Andersen wraps up the preseason with a shutout.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: Launching the Dream Gap Tour

It was a special weekend in Etobicoke as the PWHPA embarked on what they hope will be a historic tour.

Recapping the Unifor Women’s Hockey Showcase

Basic recaps of all 4 games. Box scores, really.

How to watch the Dream Gap Tour

The PWHPA has landed a CBC streaming deal.
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