Garret Sparks finally got a start, but he couldn't help the Leafs get past the Hershey Bears, or their goalie Justin Peters.

It was an odd game, with the Bears making only 7 shots-on-goal in the first 40 minutes. There were also some unfortunate penalties taken by the Marlies. Overtime was sure thrilling, and Josh Leivo came so close to scoring first, but it didn't go in, and the Marlies lost, putting them at a big disadvantage in the series.

MLHS has a recap here.

Sheldon Keefe's comments are here.

The Marlies will be back home for the next three games, starting Wednesday. Get your tickets with our discount code, PPPMARLIES16!

In the mean time take a look at Connor Brown's beauty of a goal. He now leads the team in scoring in the playoffs.

Perth Thunder

On the opposite side of the world, our friends in Perth had a big weekend. The Thunder defeated Adelaide in their weekend series, heading back home on a six game win streak.

Our Perth correspondents will have a recap for you soon, but it looks like the team and staff are first having a quiet and dignified gathering to acknowledge their success.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Back here in North America, the Sharks shorked themselves badly last night. At one point, down 4-0, they even pulled goalie Martin Jones, and for the first time since 'that game' James Reimer got some playoff hockey action.

But there was nothing he could do turn around the goal deficit, and the Sharks lost 6-3.

Game 4: St. Louis remembers it takes goals to win, wins - Fear The Fin
Blues score six times after being shutout in Games 2 and 3 to tie the series up at 2-2.

Speaking of ex-Leafs, Carl Gunnarsson got in a fight. Yes! Carl Gunnarsson. PLAYOFF HACKEY IS CRAZY!

World Championships

The US and Russia will face off for the bronze medal, starting at 9:15AM. This is your last chance to see Auston Matthews before he reaches the NHL.

Or is it?

Elliotte Friedman suggested he may make Team Under Armour 23, or whatever the hell that team is called, (I assume their national anthem will be a Justin Bieber song about dabbing, or vodka eyeballing while instatimesnapping, or whatever it is you kids do these days) so we could see him there too. The final rosters for the tournament are due on Friday, so we will know for sure who is in, and who is out, by the end of the week.

(this is where a link to the Sportsnet website post would be if they didn't attach an autoplay video)

At 1:45PM we get the big event: the gold medal game.

It's Canada vs. Finland. OH BABY!

Patrik Laine, Uncle Leo, and friends face off against Brad Marchand... and Brendan Gallagher.... and Corey Perry?!? Has there ever been a Team Canada more hateable than this?


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