Good morning, PPP!

Last night, the Capitals traded a fifth-round pick to the Wild in exchange for some dude named Tyler Graovac. The trade itself isn’t that interesting, but if we’re lucky, it is the pebble that begins the rock slide of offseason action. I want trades! I want excitement! The season is over, the Penguins’ Cup parade was yesterday, so NHL GMs should do their jobs and give me foolishness. By the end of the day, I expect Marc Bergevin to trade Alex Galchenyuk to Tampa for a second-round pick and a mannequin with a Jonathan Drouin jersey on it. It’s the offseason, let’s have some fun. [Note: that “fun” should not include the Leafs signing Dan Girardi. That would be unfun].

Also important: the reviews from Mitch Marner’s teammates are in on his pitch at the Blue Jays game. Like good teammates, they’re big into constructive criticism.

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