So there I was, innocently driving back from a game in Tampa Bay last week, when I flipped on the old podcast ap. My next one up was Marek vs. Wyshynski, but Marek was the only guy on the air because Wysh was (oddly enough) visiting my hometown of Bangkok. So I listened, feeling vaguely distracted by the late-night traffic and the sadness of losing to the Bruins. And when I tuned back in, I was listening to a player interview.

Only it wasn't any player interview.

At first the players were saying the usual cliches. I hadn't even caught what team they were on, but it sounded vaguely like Marek was playing a clip from some Juniors broadcast or something. IDK. so I was about to tune out, when... all of a sudden the interviewer started asking increasingly improper questions. About drug use, and various sexual activities, and more kinds of sexual activities, all kinds of things.

But the player kept saying the same exact cliches, over and over, no matter how crazy the interview got. And what was ridiculous was how apt the cliche was, no matter how obnoxious the question.

"What the heck is this," I thought.

I pulled over at took a look at the episode summary, and it said, "Marek interviews the creator of Letterkenny." I was torn between laughing and crying. The cliches were so real that I'd been completely taken in.

Anyway. That episode is the March 8th one archived here, and this was my introduction to the very Canadian TV show Letterkenny.

Leafs News

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Eyes dot gif

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