Ah, the AHL life. You don't get anywhere near the glory of the NHL, but a lot play in hopes of one day reaching just that. In the mean time, though, you still get to make a living playing professional hockey at a pretty high level - and that in and of itself is really cool.

Except it also means bus rides. And if you're awake, you've got to find some way to entertain yourself, right?

That's exactly what Brendan Leipsic did. He bounced around from teammate to teammate, taking selfies with them and writing about them.

PPP, may I introduce you to the Toronto Marlies, Leipsic's thoughts edition.

First up, we have Brett Findlay, who has played in both the ECHL and AHL this year:

My friend @brettfindlay92 he has lived in a hotel for the last 6 months and has eaten subway 67 times

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I would eat Subway 67 times. That sounds fun.

Next, a more familiar face: Kasperi Kapanen.

Kasperi seems like a cool guy. I want to be his friend.

Two-for-one in the next instalment! Rich Clune and Josh Leivo:

We're calling Domino's Italian food now? Alright. Dicky is a cool guy.

Time for Justin Holl:

Justin sounds like my kind of guy. I'd like to be friends with Kasperi AND Justin.

Here's Frederik Gauthier, GOAT:

Respect for anyone who can sit in a bus that long with a full suit. The GOAT title makes sense.

And last but not least, we get to meet Connor Brown:

This is the cutest one of them all.

Thank you so much for sharing all of these with us, Brendan - you and the rest of the Marlies are a delight, both on and off the ice.