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From the Branches: Winning is fun

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They should do this every game

Let’s watch that one again, shall we?


Here are your links.

Your game recaps from TLN, MLHS, Last Word on Sports, Matchsticks & Gasoline, and guy who yells at camera.

Two from Tim Chiasson over at Editor in Leaf:

Time To Switch Soshnikov For Rychel & Kapanen Still Has A Lot To Prove

From Last word on Sports: How Mitch Marner is easily replacing Phil Kessel

The Athletic looks back on how Nazem Kadri became an elite scorer.

That Flyers blog whose name I can’t remember has a story here.

Patrick Marleau scored four, and Fear the Fin collected the reactions.

Dan was being Dan over at Lighthouse Hockey

Finally, St. Louis Game Time has a thing about trades.

Good bye! I”m going back to bed!