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FTB: Montreal Canadiens fans don’t bother to show up and see their team lose home opener

Maple Leafs fans sold out the ACC to see Auston Matthews defeat the Blackhawks. Habs fans knew that wasn’t going to happen, so they didn’t waste their time.

Montreal Canadiens v Toronto Maple Leafs

Fresh off the receiving end of an Auston Matthews OT special, the Blackhawks were in a feisty mood last night, and decided to vent their frustrations on the hapless Canadiens.

Those watching the game saw lots of empty seats—and then even more when the Habs started losing badly—as less than a full house of Habs fans paid to attend. Those that did pay probably regret it, considering the Habs got spanked, and also because it’s the Habs and who wants to see them, amirite?

They didn’t even play their terrible goal song!

Those that braved the coverage on TSN didn’t get to see the four hour opening ceremony!

Listen, Habs fans, they can’t start the broadcast four hours in advance to capture the whole ceremony. They have more important things to show on TSN, like professional darts, and Toronto Raptors pre-season basketball!

Anyway, on to the news from a real hockey city.

The Maple Leafs host the New Jersey Devils tonight at 7:30PM EDT. Our game preview will be up later this morning when lines from practice are confirmed.

In Marlies news, Frederik Gauthier has officially joined the team, which implies he has sufficiently recovered from his injury to start practicing, or at least working out under the direction of the team.


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