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Sunday’s FTB: Christmas Vacation

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The Maple Leafs head out to Christmas break on a winning note.

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States Photo by Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Good morning fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and other, lesser hockey clubs.

It’s a slow news day, but that’s to be expected when the NHL is on break. Last night the Leafs defeated the New York Rangers, and you can check out our recap here, and the view from the other side here. If you missed the game, here’s the recap:

In other news that I could scrounge up....

Centre of Leafs Nation has a piece on Jake Gardiner.

Down Goes Brown has your hockey headlines.

The Colour of Hockey has a story on Brigette Lacquette becoming the first indigenous woman to play for Team Canada.

That’s it. For all the local Leafs fans in the GTA, enjoy your white Christmas as you get another 20cm leading up to Christmas Day!