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From the Branches: Hello playoffs, my old friend

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The Leafs blow a 2-0 lead and lose in OT, I thought the regular season was over?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals - Game One Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Alright, let’s get the melancholy out of the way first. The Toronto Leafs continue their trend of blowing a lead and losing in OT, and to fucking Tom Wilson of the Washington Capitals to boot. Replay of the goal. This is playoff hockey, and a heart breaking OT loss comes with the territory. The kind of thing that drives one to drink.

Yup. It’s playoffs again.

But now the good stuff!

The Leafs showed they can hang with the Capitals. For most of the game they traded chances, for most of the second period they didn’t really let the Caps get many good chances. All three of their goals against were pretty goofy: a broken stick that Roman Polak and Connor Brown whiffed on the clearing, a miscue by Frederik Andersen, and a seeing eye shot by a player known more for being a pile of human shit than for any actual hockey ability. Both teams showed equal nerves but equal flashes for most of the game.

This series will not be a cakewalk. Besides, it could be worse... we could be Edmonton fans who are still to this very moment stuck in line waiting to use the bathroom.


Onto the links!

Playoff Recap: Game 1, Caps take the first one 3-2 (OT) | nafio looks back at the Leafs first playoff game since 2004 (huh? 2013? Never heard of it).

Can the Leafs grow playoff beards? | Arvind and Annie ask the important questions in what has to be the best PPP article of the year.

The Leafs Probably Won't Win....But Can They? | Fiddy’s article says it all. The odds are the Leafs will still lose this series, but they showed last game that winning it is in the realm of possibility.

Toronto Maple Leafs Systems: What to look for vs. Washington | A pretty good preview of the series that’s still worth reading, by MLHS.

#BudsFeed: 13 Reasons Why The Leafs Will Beat The Caps | Bobby Cappuccino is such a good writer. Too bad Jeffler thought of Buds Feed first.

What do you think Leafs fans? Are you still in? How frequently and for how long are your Buds after game one?

Around the NHL

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Maybe Dellow was on to something?

Business Time: Anaheim wins Game 1 by a score of 3-2 | Anaheim Calling
“ANAHEIM DUCKS GOOOOOOOOAL. Scored by Derek England? Only 52 seconds into the hockey game, the Calgary defenseman tipped home a Ryan Getzlaf point shot past his goalie. Is there any Duck more consistent in the playoffs than the Captain?”

In other news. Today is my three year anniversary with my girlfriend and we will be enjoying the warm sunny weather at the Toronto Zoo. Happy Good Friday everyone!