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FTB: Richard Peddie, Dave Feschuk will call for Mitch Marner to be traded any day now.

The Leafs rookie got a sponsorship deal with Red Bull, but we’ve been here before.


Almost four years ago we were treated to a couple hundred words about how Dion Phaneuf is a bad leader and a bad person because he wore a Red Bull hat in a post-game scrum.

Yes, because of the hat he wore.

“For the captain to be wearing that hat — I’m disappointed. You can quote me on that,” said Richard Peddie, who was the top executive at the company that owns the Maple Leafs until his 2012 retirement. “I would look for better from a captain.” - Former MLSE CEO Richard Peddie

This became an actual thing that people went on and on and on about, because when the Leafs were bad, everything and everyone on the team was bad. Hats: bad, jerseys: bad, yet somehow NHL mandated stick wiggling at the crowd because simple gestures like those make people forget that the league cancelled an entire season (man we’re idiots): good.

It was a long, weird time.

Now Mitchell Marner is using his social media to promote Red Bull, and did so by, gasp, wearing a hat. He should avoid the newspapers for a few days in case the hit pieces come out again.

You wear the hell out of that hat, Mitch.

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Enjoy your day everyone, you’re super!