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Friday’s FTB: A fist of triumph...filled with hair

You think they’ll frame the remains?

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NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs got back into the win column after defeating the San Jose Sharks in the 6th round of the skills competition.

Toronto Maple Leafs beat San Jose Sharks 3-2 (SO) - Pension Plan Puppets
Now we understand why Lou’s rules are important.

It was a well-earned two points for our favourite team in blue and white and the next challenge will be Saturday against the Canucks.

That’s nice to hear, isn‘t it? However, there’s one thing we have to hash out before we move on from this game: Joe Thornton’s beard.

There are a lot of casualties in a fight. Sometimes it’s a tooth, other times it’s a broken nose, but in Thornton’s case, it was a piece of his cherished beard. As frustrating as it may be for Jumbo Joe to lose an extra pocket, he should take it as a compliment.

The 38-year-old may be looking at Toronto as a destination over the summer, and there is the ‘no beard rule.’ Perhaps Kadri was helping him get accustomed to Lou’s rules. If so, we should applaud him for taking the initiative to welcome a possible future teammate.

Anyway, it’s time for some links.

In Case You Missed It

Three Toronto Marlies will be in the AHL All-Star game - Pension Plan Puppets
It'll be the first appearance for one of them, and if he continues playing this way, the first of many. On the other hand, Leafs fans want him up with the team, so there's that too.

Shameless Trade Speculation: What would it take to get Kris Letang to the Leafs? - Pension Plan Puppets
I want to bring this to light again because there's nothing better than living in the land of dreams and opportunities, especially when you're Nintendo DS dies

Around the Hockey World

IIHF president says he needs NHL players at future Winter Olympics - The Globe and Mail
Having them at this year's Winter Olympics would've been cool too Mr. Fasel, but yes, it won't be the same without NHL participation and hopefully, that changes.

The Offside Challenge is a Joke - All About The Jersey
It's goofy that you only get a penalty for a failed offside challenge. The challenge as a whole isn‘t any different.

Using Time To Track Shot Attempts In A Hockey Game - On the Forecheck
An interesting look at shot patterns which could explain when a team is at their best or worst.

Can McAvoy win Rookie of the Year? - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Charlie McAvoy surprised many when he made his NHL debut in the playoffs last year, and it will be a tough task to take the Calder considering how difficult it is for defencemen to get the recognition.

Happy Friday and Keep on Be-Leafing! And if you have a Thornton-level beard, keep it safe in a fight.