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Game 4 recap: It was 4-1

The Toronto Maple Leafs let the Tampa Bay Lightning get a 4-1 lead, but we all know how dangerous that score is with Toronto....

Maple Leafs Game 2 Recap: Payback

The Toronto Maple Leafs gave the Tampa Bay Lightning a taste of their own medicine and tie their first round series.

Playoffs Game One Recap: It wasn't great

The Toronto Maple Leafs placed fourth in the NHL this season. Fourth in the Eastern Conference. Second in the Atlantic Division. 13 points ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning, their first round opponents. And then...

Recap: Milestones for some, not for others

The Toronto Maple Leafs see players hit several personal milestones in the final game of the 2022-23 NHL season.

Goal GIF recap: Leafs and Joseph Woll beat Predators

The Leafs add a nice win on their road trip with Marlies call-up Joseph Woll standing tall.

Goal GIF Recap: An embarrassment

The Maple Leafs are obliterated by the New York Islanders, losing 7-2.

Highlights: Leafs beat the Wild

This is a quick and easy one because that game had very little to highlight for either team.

HIGHLIGHTS: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Montreal Canadiens

All the clips that are fit to print.

Recap: Matthews, Samsonov Come up Big as Leafs Take Down Jets*

The Leafs weren’t at their best all game, but some great performances got them through with a 4-1 win

Recap: Maple Leafs and Bruins play off — Boston with the win

A very close game goes to the home team.

Recap: Leafs Play Lifelessly and Lose to Red Wings

The SEGABABA curse reared its ugly head once again and condemned the Leafs to a bad, boring game

Recap: Leafs beat the Predators in the last minutes

Matt Murray was player of the game for the Leafs in my book, though.

Maple Leafs can’t stop the Devils, lose in overtime

It’s hard to win when your opponent is much better organized.

Maple Leafs win game, beat Bruins, lose Samsonov

Another beautiful game from the Leafs.

Maple Leafs come home, win with a Tavares hat trick

Playing well and winning? What? Who are they?

Recap: We’re not mad, this is funny to us

Leafs lose to the Kings

Recap: Maple Leafs lose to Sharks well after dark

Leafs come back from a two goal deficit, but still lose in overtime.

Leafs lose to Vegas on Kessel’s big night

No 400th goal for Phil, but a win nonetheless.

Recap: Nicky Nicky can’t you see, your two goals just hypnotize me

Nick Robertson scores twice in Leafs comeback overtime win.

Game Four Recap: Maple Leafs lose to Coyotes

The Maple Leafs got no help from the refs or themselves

Toronto Maple Leafs win their home opener

A win at home is better than a loss on the road.

Game 1 Recap: Maple Leafs lose a frustrating game 4-3

It was sloppy and bad and Toronto couldn’t stop giving up rush chances

Recap: Maple Leafs fall to the Red Wings

It was close, but the NHLers beat the tweeners.

Game 3 Recap: Maple Leafs hang on to take the series lead

A great start in the first period and some solid special teams was the difference
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