It was a weird Friday game between the Maple Leafs and the Minnesota Wild who made their once a season visit to Toronto, and was it ever a forgettable game. Reading Twitter and our own comments this seems to be pretty universally acknwoledged as the most boring Leafs game of the season, if not longer, at least until the Leafs won it in OT with a hilarious goal.

We’re a bit short staffed at the ranch tonight due to a kitten insurgency in progress, plus there isn’t much to write about, so I’m going to get straight to business with the clips of the good stuff.

First, the Leafs family moment of the game:

Second, David Kämpf puts the Leafs on the board:

Third, William Nylander wins it in OT with his 33rd goal of the season.

From another angle:

Here’s a YouTube clip from Sportsnet if you want the full audio-visual experience. This is one that poor Frederick Gaudreau definitely wants to forget.

Here’s the even-strength heat map and you can see the Leafs couldn’t get too much going in front of the net like usual.

Enjoy your post-game chat, and welcome to the weekend! There’s no game tomorrow night. The Leafs will play again on Sunday night in Seattle.