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Maple Leafs lose a battle of special teams to the recharged Lightning

Penalties, bad power plays, one terrible period, and the series is tied.

Leafs can’t score against Lightning, Stamkos sets record

Things got pretty rowdy out there tonight.

Leafs beat Senators in overtime

Gio! That’s it, that’s the game story.

Maple Leafs can’t beat Craig Anderson

I hate it when they play bad teams.

Auston Matthews is the star and makes history in Leafs OT victory

Matthews breaks the Vaive record and scores the OT winner in a very Leafy game.

Maple Leafs blow a big lead on game two of a back to back

Sure, let’s put an excuse in the headline.

Recap: Matthews hits 50 goals and the Maple Leafs win big

A rough start turned into a pretty dominant win

Leafs win game, lose players

Holl, Lyubushkin, and Mrázek go down.

Leafs win while playing the Panthers even

No one dominated this game, unless you count JT on Gudas.

Leafs lose to the Canadiens while dominating the play

Never enter a duel unarmed. Even a goalie duel.

Game 63 Recap: Maple Leafs edge the Devils with their new look lineup

Leafs scored two short handed goals to squeek out a win

Maple Leafs spot the Coyotes a big lead, and then overtime happened

On the day Jack Campbell goes on IR, the Leafs are already playing their backup du jour.

Maple Leafs win it in the third over the Capitals

Rasmus Sandin with the big goal. Justin Holl with a very good game.

Auston Matthews erodes the Wild defence as the Leafs win

Petr Mrázek with a quality win.

Leafs vs Habs recap: They played badly and lost

This is a good team who just plays awful against the bottom of the standings.

Leafs massively outplay the Canucks, lose the game

I swear I heard, “he fanned on the shot,” six times.

Maple Leafs make multiple comebacks to win in OT

The dirty Canes try to take out the Maple Leafs.

Recap: Maple Leafs fizzle to a 6-3 loss

Leafs had a dominant first period then farted the rest of the way

Recap: The Leafs get goalied and lose 2-1 to the Arizona Coyotes

The Leafs take their first loss on their US road trip with Karel Vejmelka stopping 46 Leafs shots on goal.

Game 33 Recap: Maple Leafs lose in overtime 5-4

In a measuring stick game, the Leafs blew a 4-1 lead.

Game 31 Recap: Maple Leafs hit em with the 6

The game started sloppy but the Leafs dominated in the end
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