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Wednesday’s FTB: Scoring goals is key to winning

More goals > Less goals. Who knew?

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New Jersey Devils Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs proved a key fact about hockey: Those who score the most goals wins.

Strange to hear in a season where we’re being told about strength and toughness.

In case you missed last night’s blowout of the Devils, here’s the game in six.

So what else is going on?

Arvind and Annie took a look at Wayne Simmonds since his name has been tossed around the past few weeks.

The Toronto Marlies have signed...ugh...Tom Sestito to a PTO. Gross.

The Flyers goalies are bad, but that’s nothing new. Is it really why Dave Hakstol was fired?

Alex Ovechkin could hit Gretzky’s goal record if he keeps playing like this into his 40’s. Can he do it? I’m not sure, but I hope Don Cherry is around if he does. That’s one episode of Coaches Corner I’ll watch.

If there’s one end of the year hockey tournament I want to go to it’s the Spengler Cup. The host city is amazing, the arena is one of the most beautiful in the world, and you can play a real good game of former NHLer bingo that week.

Over at the OHL Collective they have mid-season reports going up for each team. They’re not at Niagara yet, so you haven’t missed the important one.

Around the OHL had Dale Hawerchuk on last week.

There’s other stuff too, but that’s what Google is for.

It’s Wednesday so your weekly update on the world of women’s hockey is coming out. Tomorrow it’s the Florida Panthers turn to come to Toronto, and maybe...just maybe, Kyle Dubas has a surprise for us later today.