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FTB: The Leafs are back in action tonight

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The Maple Leafs Christmas break comes to an end tonight as they head to Columbus to play the Blue Jackets.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Leafs Christmas break is over. Tonight they head to Columbus to play the Blue Jackets. It’s the first of back-to-back games with tomorrow’s here in Toronto against the Islanders. If you haven’t been counting, tonight is game #38. We’re getting pretty close to the half way mark of the season.

We’ll have a preview of the game up later this morning.


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Other News

Ian Scott had a big save for Team Canada last night at the WJC.

This is very scary and the outcome here could have been a lot worse. Matt Niskanen left the game and I can’t find an update on his status yet.


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