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Friday FTB: Marlies lose, Caps win Stanley Cup in bonkers game 5, whatever

Marlies are back at it on Saturday.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Seven Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Sports is great for distracting us from the world and what goes on inside it.

Last night, the Toronto Marlies lost a close game 3-2, and the Calder Cup Finals is now tied 2-2. They had actually come back from 2-0 down to tie the game, but lost after a PP goal against in the third period. They also outshot Texas 31 to 18. So that sucked.

First line woes: Texas Stars tie series at two with 3-2 win over Toronto Marlies | by Hadrev

The Washington Capitals won game 5 and the Stanley Cup after an absolutely bonkers game 5. Caps took the lead 1-0, only for Vegas to tie it up. Then the Caps re-took the lead 2-1, only for Vegas to storm back and make it 3-2. Then Washington stormed back to retake the lead for good, winning 4-3.

Alex Ovechkin’s joy as he bear hugged Niskanen and wouldn’t let go, yelling “oh my fucking god” were all the emotions right in the feels zone. It’s what you want from sports.

It was the end of an absolutely magical run for the Vegas Golden Knights in their first ever season as an expansion franchise. It was one of the top stories in all of sports, let alone hockey. It was a shame to see them lose and not get the made-for-the-movies storybook ending.

The Jays also came back late and won in extra innings. So that was nice.

All of that combined was not a good enough distraction from the world.

Onto the links.

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Have a great weekend!