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Wednesday’s FTB: Fan up or shut up

It’s time to take a break from thinking and talking about the Maple Leafs if you aren’t a fan of the team.

NHL: Florida Panthers at New York Islanders
It’s gotten to be so annoying that even past John Tavares is ready for it to be over.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


Not you Leafs fans, you’re all a pretty cool bunch.

There are some people however who just need to take a page from Elsa’s book and let it go.

First up is everyone’s favourite internet hockey crank, Grant McCagg.

This guy just can’t let the Maple Leafs exist without yammering away about onions and belts and bee quarters.

Like, he wasn’t tagged in this tweet at all, but he had to talk about his favourite NHL team. For a guy who’s supposed to be covering the Montreal Canadiens according to his Twitter bio he seems to spend most of his waking Twitter time talking about the Maple Leafs. I can’t blame him really, the Canadiens will be as interesting to cover the New York Islanders next season.

Hey speaking of...

Islanders fans, you just have to get over John Tavares leaving. I know it’s a big deal and all but please come to realize two things:

First of all, he never chose to play for the Islanders. He was drafted there. The NHL told him “If you want to play in the NHL you have to play on Long Island, no matter what city it is specifically.” He signed a bare minimum of UFA years in his huge hometown discount contract.

Second of all, Garth Snow had NINE YEARS to make the Islanders a respectable franchise and one that will attract the top players in the league. He had three years with Tavares on an ELC, and then six years at a ridiculous $5.5M cap hit. The team then went and used that saved money on garbage and trash and were a perpetual embarrassment.

Have you ever had dreams Islanders fans? Now imagine you achieved your dreams. You got what you always wanted. You worked hard, and the one thing that drove you to accomplish everything you have done, came true.

Now everyone who supported you along the way hates you instead of the people actually responsible.

Weird eh? Go yell at Charles Wang and Garth Snow, let Tavares live out his childhood dream.

It’s a long off season and it’s the summer (or winter if you’re an angry Islanders loving penguin), just take some time, breathe, and let things happen. Focus on what makes you happy.

I know I will.

It’s this:

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Enjoy your day everyone!