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Tuesday’s FTB: Will Brady Tkachuk report to the Senators or the Knights?

Well, if he wants to get paid, he’ll pick London....

2018 NHL Draft - Top Prospects Clinic
Should have stayed in school, kid
Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Kids will drop out of college and go onto great things: Bill Gates succeeded, John D Rockefeller never even went and his name is now associated with success. These are exceptions to the rule however, we usually never know the names of people who dropped out. A lot will have problems with school; grades, money, motivation, but some will drop out because they’re done and don’t need it anymore, thinking they know it all and go on to make terrible decisions. Like this kid.

You’d think a kid who went to some fancy school would be able to tell the difference between “graduating and becoming a UFA” and “signing with one of the biggest dumpster fires in professional sports and giving up on the first seven years of your career.”

Oh Brady, what were you thinking?

You’re wasting your prime championship winning years. Boston University with you on it could be a contender! You could win all the NCAA trophies with your skill set! Now you’re going to waste away amid the auto dealers and unisex hair salons in Kanata.....

Okay, I mean, I can’t blame him when looking from his perspective. I’m sure the Knights have a bigger player budget than the Senators.

Just because Tkachuk is going to the Knights in the same season so many people are picking the Niagara IceDogs to be a top performing team in the OHL Eastern Conference, doesn’t mean the two will meet in the OHL Championship Series again.




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Finally, we bid farewell to Shades the bear.

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We’ll always remember you and a young Kyle.

Kyle Dubas and Shades the Bear
Kyle Dubas and Shades the Bear