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Monday’s FTB: The Maple Leafs have been too quiet

Something’s up. Or not. Just...gosh it’s boring.

Felix Potvin

We are less than one month away from training camp, and the European pre-seasons are warming up, the QMJHL begins some exhibition games as well, and OHL and WHL training camps are set to open soon.

Yet, I can still not find anything to fill the space before the links with.

So it’s cooling down some, which is nice. I can’t take any more days over 30.

Okay well, maybe the links will give us something to talk about.

No Room For Error In Ottawa Senators 2018-19 Season - LWOS
I hope there’s still room. We’ll need some laughs.

Who should the Leafs offer a PTO to? - The Maple Leafs Nation
Cody Franson!

Islanders can score with or without Tavares: Trotz - Sportsnet
I mean, yeah but wil they score more than with him? No.

NHL Network ranks Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane No. 4 winger in NHL - Second City Hockey
See, we’re so bored we’re writing about NHL Network clickbait press releases!

Sidney Crosby’s pre-draft scouting report remains incredibly accurate - PensBurgh
2005 SCOUTING REPORTS? Who did the Leafs draft in 2005? Maybe we should do this too.....

Top 25U25: #9 Where in the world is Bode Wilde? - Lighthouse Hockey
Uh oh. Someone went missing over the summer.

Key Stats in Predicting Points in the NHL and Where the Buffalo Sabres Stand - Die By The Blade
Look down. Look wayyyyyyyyy down.

Nope. I’m still bored. I’m going back to bed.