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Thursday’s FTB: Is Kyle Dubas a time traveller?

Maple Leafs twitter has an interesting theory.

Kyle Dubas and Shades the Bear
Kyle Dubas back when he would talk to us

It’s August, and we’re inching our way towards training camp. With very little news we’re about to get to a very weird place.

Leafs fan @blueandwhite93 found this photo and connected the very obvious dots.

Now we could chalk all of this up to coincidence, but let’s be serious people. It’s more than that.

We have two options looking us in the face right now:

  1. Kyle Dubas traveled back in time and spent a season working with Punch Imlach as Assistant GM. It would be like working with Lou. Both were very traditionally minded, and if they wanted a player gone, that player was gone.
  2. Kyle Dubas saw the Maple Leafs win the cup in 1967 and after 40 years of futility his 70 year old self built a time machine and traveled back in time to bring his younger self to the future, where he wouldn’t have to suffer those 40 years and do his life’s work of bringing another Stanley Cup caliber team to Toronto.

We can only assume the latter, because his excitement at bringing a professional championship to the Marlies was outstanding, and this would be twice as exciting as he last saw the Marlies winning the Memorial Cup in 1967.

It was also explain why he was always so excited to show off his phone to Lou as well.

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And don’t forget, if you’re in Markham or are Markham adjacent and want to follow the Thunder on their post-Clarkson Cup season you can volunteer be our Thunder correspondent!