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FTB: Maple Leafs move on to NHL pre-season as training camp ends

Get ready for a new Maple Leafs hokey season by celebrating some birthdays.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Maple Leafs training camp is ending and the pre-season games are starting up this week. The first game is tomorrow and it is the Kraft Hockeyville game which takes place in Lucan, Ontario, which is northwest of London. The game will be on one of the Sportsnet channels.

While I can’t get perfect clarity on this from Rogers support—they’re still as uncertain of their own products as ever—it appears you will not be able to watch this game live on Rogers NHL Gamecentre Live (it has been rebranded again, I assume the spelling of ‘Gamecentre’ irked the Americans at MLBTV). No pre-season games are available live, but some are as a replay. You can see that first Bruins vs. Flames game in China where the Sportsnet folks really want you to know the NHL is trying to “grow the game internationally.” They mentioned that about 50 times in the first five minutes of that broadcast.

Anyway, one thing for certain is they dropped support for the PS3 app. That was the only reason I still had my old PS3; the interface was quick and easy compared to all the other app formats. It’s an inconvenience, though not a terrible one, but if you too have a PS3 and used the NHL app be forewarned now it no longer works. The PS4 app is still working for this season.

By the way, William Nylander has still not signed. There’s no news update, but, if he doesn’t sign, it means he doesn’t play this week.

Manufactured Controversy: Nylander’s Contract Extension – Centre Of Leafs Nation
"Where I believe the negotiations are stuck isn’t on the salary but in the term/length of the contract."


Here’s what we talked about on the weekend.

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Mostly expected names getting sent home as the Leafs start thinning the herd.

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There’s also a nifty Kapanen rush, and some guy named John got a goal too.

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The KHL is starting to settle down in the second week of the season, and Eemeli Räsänen plays his second game.

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The interviews from after the first day’s scrimmage reveal absolutely no firm answers on roster spots, but there are some hints.

Other Hockey News

It’s birthday season! Auston Matthews turns 21 today, and Patrick Marleau turned 39 on Saturday.

I’ll leave the singing to the professionals in the clip below.

With renewed confidence, Zaitsev looks for bounce-back season - TSN
"It wasn’t until the Leafs’ playoff run was over, and he represented Russia at the World Championships, that the blueliner felt normal again. Zaitsev tallied eight assists in eight games there. “I picked [my confidence] back up over there,” he said."

Vaive, Tucker wouldn’t want to sip from a fountain of youth - St. Catharines Standard
"I had a great National Hockey League career, so we'll just leave it the way it was." Perhaps, with one exception. "If I could snap my fingers go back and win a Stanley Cup, maybe I would do that." - Darcy Tucker

Leafs hint at holding 2019 training camp in Newfoundland - CBC
Leafs coach Mike Babcat hinted at the possibility during a press scrum Sunday.

One year from potential opt-out, NHL players mull another work stoppage - TSN
“If the negotiations were right now and we were trying to get ready for a season, I think we're probably a little far apart – that a lockout would happen,” - T.J. Oshie
[Species: Note that while the opt-out clause can be invoked at this time next year, it will take effect after the end the 2019-20 NHL season. Both this season and the next will be played regardless of what happens. I assume this was setup so negotiations can happen while a hockey season is in progress, and not while the hockey sports media has nothing else to do but post daily updates on the fact that nothing is happening.]

Ontario Reign to Host 2020 AHL All-Star Game - Jewels From The Crown
This marks the first time the AHL has visited the west coast for its all-star extravaganza.

Erik Karlsson welcomed to Sharks in full page ad - Fear The Fin
The Bay can’t wait for the Karlssons to join them.

This is a great time to embed this new ad from Sweden.

Other Sports News

Scott Moore’s Memo – Toronto Sports Media Blog
TSM Blog is back from summer vacation. They start off with a peek behind the veil with a leaked memo from Sportsnet President Scott Moore.

The NFL makes more money than ever, and yet things have never been worse - Bloomberg
The sport is a total mess, yet the league is taking in more money than ever.

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Canadian Olympic champion Beckie Scott has resigned from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Compliance Review Committee. The move comes after that committee recommended that the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) be reinstated.