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Wednesday’s FTB: Return to New York

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Maybe? Where are the Isles playing these days?

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NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Islanders Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maple Leafs are heading to New York tonight to play the New York Islanders, and I wish I could tell you whether or not we can expect more rubber snakes to be thrown at John Tavares, but I haven’t been paying enough attention to Isles fans to know whether or not they’re still mad. They’re probably still mad, right? They seemed pretty mad last time.

As Leafs fans return to our yearly tradition of alternatively worrying and arguing about how many games Frederik Andersen is playing, we take a look at the concept of an ideal number of starts for a goalie:

Before the preview’s out, catch up on yesterday’s roster shuffle:

An optimistic take on a possible root cause of the Leafs shaky start to the season – and why it won’t last:

With quite possibly every single person in Canada having been asked their opinion on Don Cherry being fired in the last 24 hours, it was inevitable that the Leafs would be asked to weigh in:

And finally, as we approach the close of this decade, and the yearly sadness of revisiting the resolutions list we made back in January, when we were full of hope and actually believed we’d be able to eliminate our knee-jerk reaction to blame everything on Babcock (everyone made that one right? no? just me?), a list of 25 of the NHL’s most impactful stories from the 2010s:

Personally, I think it’s pretty grim that they missed what is, in my humble opinion, easily the most significant, historical, and memorable moment in hockey in the last ten years:

When Ema Matthews cries, I cry.

What’s your pick for best (or worst) Leafs moment from the last ten years?