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Thursday’s FTB: Dusting off the ol’ trade proposal machine

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Like a chill winter wind.... the cap crunch approaches.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

My weather app is threatening snow, Starbucks is launching their holiday cups, and people on twitter are proposing that we trade William Nylander.

Tis the season y’all.

Now we don’t have time to get into all the reasons why “trade William Nylander” is probably not Kyle Dubas’ first, second, or sixteenth solution to the tightening of the cap belt forecast by Zach Hyman’s impending return... I’m just gonna grumpily slap this article from last spring down here and then move on.

Trading Nylander aside, the Toronto Maple Leafs are going to have to make some moves once Hyman returns from injury to make the roster work under the cap. We’ve covered what that might look like previously, and though that was pre-return for both John Tavares and Travis Dermott, the math still stands.

Babcock did decide to make the speculation a bit extra spicy today by going on TSN and sharing that the Leafs will be going with 6 defensemen, leaving room for the delightfully chaotic option that, at some point this year, the Leafs will be forced to play a forward as a defensemen. That doesn’t necessarily bode well, since most of the Leafs’ forward group isn’t known for their defensive prowess, but honestly, neither are our D... and just think about what the rushes might look like! It’ll be like the powerplay, but all th–

Y’know what, never mind.

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