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Wednesday’s FTB: Advice for the Buffalo Sabres

We need to help our neighbours to the south.

2018 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic - New York Rangers v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

There’s been a lot of buzz this season down in Buffalo about the Sabres. First it was about their amazing ten game winning streak! OMG! The Cup is finally heading to Buffalo! Then it was about how they couldn’t live up to that streak. Then it was about not winning any games in March.

There was one constant throughout the whole season though.

Phil Housley needs to be fired as coach of the Buffalo Sabres.

Now is the perfect time to do it too, because the best possible replacement is available. He’s won a Stanley Cup, he was a Norris Trophy winning defender, and was a television sensation!

Yes, the man the Buffalo Sabres need to hire as head coach is Randy Carlyle. You don’t need to rush him into service, let the Ducks keep paying him for now. Bring him in just before the draft so you can get players that are his style. None of that skill and speed nonsense. You’ll load up on guys who project to a fourth line centre and can use their hands, not their heads.

Now, I know that this may sound like I’m just a Leafs fan being a jerk, but I’m not. Back in 2015 when the Leafs fired Randy they were in a playoff spot and once he was gone the Leafs tailspinned so hard there was nothing left after their impact with the bottom of the standings.

The Maple Leafs blew it, but you can take advantage of their mistakes by hiring the coach they let go.

Do it Buffalo, before someone else scoops him up.

Now, the news.

The Leafs lost last night as they mailed in in before the playoffs.

The loss had a big implication though.

The Rangers are rebuilding, should they start on defense?

Who are you cheering for? The Coyotes or the Avalanche?

Time for awards speculation.

And the most important playoff preview:

Enjoy the day!