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Thursday’s FTB: A Sharks vs Bruins final is the perfect for the NHL

The two teams that gained the most from bad refs, who else could it be?

San Jose Sharks v Boston Bruins
The 2019 playoffs in one picture
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

In last nights St. Louis Blues / San Jose Sharks game there was yet another missed call that affected the outcome of the game:

After the Golden Knights / Sharks series ended on an officiating note, and the entire Maple Leafs / Bruins series, plus the existence of Brad Marchand, the NHL has an officiating crisis on it’s hands and the league will for sure take action.

Here’s the news of the day.

What have the Leafs done? Not much since they signed Shanahan.

Do something interesting.

Here’s some other lousy teams.

Who’s the worst UFA? Sign them.

Did Morgan Rielly pass? Is he injured too? Or did the front office ban any other players from joining Team Canada after Tavares was injured?

Yeah, eh?

That is a guy, yes.

Three years for a guy with NO NHL experience? You do you, Panthers.