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Thursday’s FTB: Gordeev Forever?

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Are two Leafs prospects looking at for a second go around in the NHL Draft?

Terry Wilson / OHL Images

Okay, listen. I try not to include rumours from Twitter into the FTB because that’s just dumb. Y’all do a good enough job of sticking those in the comment section anyway, so why should I give them any credence?

However the newest batch are pretty easy to verify so here we go:

First mention by Leafs Nation News - not to be associated with MLSE’s Leafs Nation Network or Maple Leafs Nation dot com (and please don’t confuse MLSE with @MLSE on twitter because that’s just our old step dad who drinks too much) - anyway, first mentioned in the linked tweet, then tweeted out again by Jacob Stoller, Maple Leafs OHL prospects Fedor Gordeev and Ryan McGregor will not be Leafs prospects after today.

Anyone drafted from the CHL and unsigned by June 1st two years post-draft will either become a free agent, or re-enter the draft depending on their age, previous draft history, etc.

Both of those players were drafted in 2017 - McGregor in round 6 and Gordeev in 5 - and are, as of right now, unsigned. This leaves them less than 24 hours to sign a new contract with the Leafs. Odds are if it hasn’t happened now, it won’t happen.

Will the Leafs miss out on much by not signing these players?


Fedor Gordeev is a big defender but doesn’t have anything in his game that would wow anyone aside from being big and a meme.

Ryan McGegor could be a project to work on, but he’s also not a wow factor prospect. He was well over a point per game this year in the OHL, but it took until he was older than the majority of players to have his break out season. Every season before this he couldn’t crack half a point per game.

Farewell to you, young prospect. We knew you well.

While you read the news, I’m off to scrub their names from the Top 25 Under 25 voting list.

First of all, shameless self promotion. Here’s everything we did yesterday.

And other Leafs things.

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From 51 Leafs, a story on Mitch Marner the penalty killer

Non-Leafs stuff:

They should get rid of it all together.

Trades are good. Trade the pick Flyers.

Then, the NHL will come and crush your dreams.

The Niagara IceDogs lost an assistant coach a couple weeks ago; Kris Sparre went to be a head coach in Austria. If you haven’t tweeted at them yet about hiring me as the new coach, please make sure to do so using the hashtag #CoachSeldo

Finally, the St. Louis Blues were the good guys and beat the Bruins to tie the Stanley Cup Final 1-1 thanks to Carl Gunnarsson’s overtime heroics.. Here’s the game recap: