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Weekend FTB: ECHL trophy drama!

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What happens to a trophy when the champion moves to a new league?

Okay boys, when we get the trophy someone needs to shove it down their pants and sneak it out of the building
Brent Lewis / Contributor - Denver Post via Getty Images

Remember that time when Alundra Blayze left the WWF and showed up on WCW Nitro and tossed the womens title in the trash?

Well, we have a hockey trophy controversy swirling around the ECHL right now. It appears that after the Colorado Eagles won the Kelly Cup in 2018, they moved up to the AHL and took the trophy with them.

This is....weird. Either the Eagles lost/destroyed the trophy and don’t want to own up to it, or they thought it was a parting gift as they left the league.

The Eagles aren’t denying they have the trophy, but they’re claiming the ECHL doesn’t want it back.

The ECHL most likely has replaced the trophy by now, if the Eagles were even given the actual cup anyway, and it’s going to be needed soon. The Toronto Maple Leafs ECHL affiliate the Newfoundland Growlers have a 1-0 lead over the Toledo Walleye in the Kelly Cup Finals.

In other Maple Leafs news, we have two players on the trade block: Kyle Dubas has come out and said Nikita Zaitsev is looking for a trade for a “fresh start” and now rumors are swirling around team dad Patrick Marleau.

It’s going to be a fun few weeks until the draft.

Here’s what else is going on.

Hopefully somewhere out west...

Winnipeg wants to jump on Toronto’s bandwagon

No. Let the shitweasel stay out west.

Jeff Skinner got the Sabres bump in his salary


Alright, that’s it for me. Enjoy the weekend everyone.