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FTB: Sean Avery is pranking us and we're all falling for it

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The former pest set Leafs social media on fire late last night.

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Former NHLer and overall dingleberry Sean Avery posted a video to Instagram last night that had Leafs fans screaming, and got himself trending in Canada:

If you can't watch that, Avery says according to his "sources in Toronto" Toronto Maple Leafs have worked out a trade with the Winnipeg Jets* that would send centre Nazem Kadri out west in exchange for defender Jacob Trouba.

Take all the grains if salt with this information and let's run down the reasons this is most likely bullshit.

1) Sean Avery is a jackass who likes to get attention for his words; remember the infamous 'sloppy seconds' comment?

2) Jacob Trouba is an RFA without a deal. This could be done if the Leafs had time to work out a deal before the trade, but we would have heard of this ahead of time.

3) if Kadri is traded, who plays 3C?

Yes, its completely plausible for this to be true - Marc Savard was the one who broke the William Nylander deal after all - but right now, I wouldn't take Sean Avery's word on these things.

Hey on an awesome note the Newfoundland Growlers won the ECHL Championship - and the brand new Kelly Cup - last night!

They defeated the Toledo Walleyes 4-3 last night to take the Kelly Cup in six games and won the first ever pro sports championship for a Newfoundland based team ever; in front of a sold out crowd to boot!

We're very proud of those b'ys out east and wont mention that we totally called it back in September.

So one trash rumor and one awesome championship.

What else happened yesterday?

The Marlies have started to fill out their roster.

Pierre LeBrun passed on somethings he heard.

Darren Dreger made people panic.

But is he willing to go through a rebuild?

Tick Tock

Chara had his jaw broken by an errant puck. Is this in the Blues favour?

Derek MacKenzie retires and steps behind the bench.

A day after he signs a two year extension with the Spokane Chiefs, he finds an NHL job.

Another coaching move, this time by the Blackhawks.

Enjoy the day everyone!