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Friday’s FTB: Maple Leafs take camp to the edge of the world

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75 players will fight to make a name for themselves while they avoid kissing and fishes.

Icebergs Off Coast Of Canada’s Newfoundland Draw Tourists To Area
They should have a scrimmage on an iceberg.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

What are ya at, Maple Leafs fans?

Today the Maple Leafs officially open up training camp in Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador. Scrimmages will be streamed on the Maple Leafs app to varying degrees of success, and you can get tickets to watch inside the arena. They’re given out starting at 8AM local time (6:30AM Toronto time), so if you’re not there now, well...better luck tomorrow.

Don’t worry! If you can’t get in, hang around outside and at local tourist spots. The past two camps were here in Niagara, and outside the arena players would come out for autographs, and when camp is over you can find them being shuttled around to various tourist spots.

It helps if you have a kid on in the local hockey league - that’s how we rode the Maid of the Mist each year with alumni and players, and most importantly, Carlton the Bear.

Lots is happening and you can check out the Leafs website for all the details you need.

Of course other things are happening too. The Leafs are using their social media to troll a certain player’s father....

Check out the video for yourself:

Speaking of captains...

Who’s at training camp? Good question! We have the roster here for you, and unlike certain team websites, we have a readable camp roster for you!

If you were curious about the opening press conferences, Katya recapped those for you:

Training camp is also giving us sights we never thought we’d see:

Camp wasn’t always the event it is today:

The NHL said they aren’t drama, just hockey, but uh, you could have fooled us:

TSN’s Overdrive is getting tired of Mitchell Marner’s antics (sorry, you can’t not bring him up!)

Speaking of Voldemort...

RFA’s around the league are getting signed:

Jersey numbers can be meaningful, or meaningless:

Alright folks, camp coverage starts at 9! Get ready for that sweet, sweet, over-saturation again baby!

Training Camp! Woo!