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Thursdays FTB: Auston Matthews won’t play in the All Star Game

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A nagging wrist injury keeps him from skating, but hell show up so he doesn’t get suspended.

2019 Honda NHL All-Star Game - Metropolitan v Atlantic Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Hello Toronto Maple Leafs fans! We’re almost done the boring part of the bye week, and the All-Star Game festivities are about to begin, minus one All-Star. Last night it was announced that Auston Matthews will sit out on ice activities, but still attend the off ice part of All-Star weekend.

Now, some will say “But he scored all of those goals! He’s faking it!” Thankfully, Twitter will never let anything go:

Ottawa Senators forward Brady Tkachuk, the better educated shitweasel in the league, will take Matthews’ place on the Atlantic Division team. This is all a coincidence I’m sure, as the worse shitweasel is playing for the Pacific Division and father shitweasel is a big hero in host city St. Louis. Totally not set up ahead of time and slyly promoted with Wes McCauley making both shitweasels take a terrible face-off against each other.

Matthews’ attendance at the All-Star Game, despite his inability to play, gets him out of the one game suspension others have faced in the past for not participating, and Alex Ovechkin has this year. This sounds like a loophole the league usually gives the Blackhawks or Bruins, but it’s nice to see the Leafs come out ahead in something.

In Leafs history, today is the anniversary of Montreal Canadiens hero Kirk Muller becoming a Maple Leaf. It as a three way trade with the Ottawa Senators and New York Islanders, finally ending Mullers stand off with the Islanders. He never wanted to leave Montreal and refused to report to the Islanders. You can read more about it in an Eyes on the Prize / Lighthouse Hockey crossover episode.

If you’re just joining us for the first time this bye week, go back to the front page and check out all the good content we’ve been churning out to keep Leafs fans from forgetting about the team and finding something that actually makes them happy.

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The Leafs Beat is a new Leafs blog and we welcome them to what was once called the Barilkosphere, and hope they don’t mind us crushing them like the little bugs of opposition they are.

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There is a person inside the costume, they’re the ones under investigation, not the spirit of Gritty.

Since 1967 it’s always been something with the Leafs, what’s your point?

Enjoy your day everyone!