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Friday’s FTB: New Year, New Leafs

How long after New Years is it ok to still be making New Years posts?

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NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Minnesota Wild David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

In the proud tradition of New Years resolution-ers around the globe, I have decided to start 2020 by completely disregarding the failings of the previous year(s), and pretend that the goals that the Toronto Maple Leafs have for 2020 are brand new, and not at all even a little bit a retreading of their 2019 goals.

Make the playoffs? Hell yeah we’re on track to make the playoffs, and that definitely was not something that we were deeply worried about for a significant potion of the fall!

Facing the Bruins in the first round? First time we’ve ever discussed it! A brand new and not at all nauseating possibility! Zero history there to even begin to think about!

Sign all of our players to great value contracts? I mean, did you see the Holl signing?!

Execute a killer powerplay? For sure bud, the Leafs powerplay is sitting at 23.89%, fifth in the league! Successful from the start! No bumps along the way!

And of course all of this with our fearless head coach Sheldon Keefe in charge, just as he always has been!


Falling behind on the Marlies? Don’t worry, we’ve got you, with a recap of their last three games from Hardev Lad:

Report card time!

January always feels like a good time to take a look back at how players on the Leafs performed over the first half of the season. From the reasonable to the comical, here’s who’s handed out grades (and superlatives) so far:

Offside Toronto:

The Toronto Sun:

The Athletic:

And if you’d prefer to know what a random selection of people on twitter think, twitter user @rahef_issa has the results of her annual polling of the people:


CBS Sports has the Leafs rising four spots in their power rankings – and also took the opportunity to suggest New Years resolutions for every team:

An inside look at what the Leafs get up to on road trips:

Kristen Shilton breaks down Keefe’s recent experimentations with the Leafs’ lines:

And finally...

The best goals of December to enjoy alongside your morning coffee:

Happy Friday everyone! Vote for Mitch as the last man in for the Atlantic Division for the 2020 All-Star Weekend!