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Thursday’s FTB: Where in the world is Frederik Andersen

No spoilers, but it rhymes with shmarazona.

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NHL: Dallas Stars at Toronto Maple Leafs Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning and welcome to another day of no hockey!

Remember when we used to get to watch stuff like this on a weekly basis?

Yeah, me neither. The good news is that Auston Matthews has still found a way to show off his athletic prowess in quarantine, with the help of a special guest...

In case you missed it, Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen is currently billeting with Auston Matthews in Arizona, marathoning Love Island and, apparently, perfecting niche, location-specific trick shots.

Though Andersen has said that the two haven’t spent any time practicing together yet, playing goalie for Auston Matthews seems as good of a way to stay game-ready as any.


Fulemin answered all of your burning hockey and not-hockey questions in the newest edition of the mailbag:

Sans hockey, the NHL has been working on its agreements with other leagues, including the Canadian junior leagues:

Leafs News

Jake Muzzin says that he’s good to go whenever everyone else is good to go:

Sportsnet breaks down Mitch Marner’s ridiculous goal against the San Jose Sharks:

If you’re having trouble remembering, it was this goal:

The Athletic looks at one of the Leafs’ newest signings, defenseman Kristians Rubins:

From Around the League

The Carolina Hurricanes are moving towards breaking their affiliation with the Charlotte Checkers:

This is the latest of several AHL affiliation switches that happened this season:

And the Pittsburgh Penguins have signed a literal giant:

Have a great day everyone!