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Wednesdays FTB: Drawing a blank

Sorry gang, I got nothing.

Dozing Bible Reader Photo by Francis G. Mayer/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

You all like......stuff?

It’s hard for morning links/chat posts these days what with all this nothing going on. Occasionally there will be leaks and updates about the NHL’s plans, and then one lucky duck gets something to fill this space with. Me? I’m just here so I don’t get fined I guess.

Katya updated our list of favourite hockey websites, and these should all be bookmarked in your Netscape.

Over at Sportsnet they’re going on about Matt Murray and the Leafs:

Lots of people have brought this up lately, mostly because one person said it and then everyone was like “yeah! content!” and off we go. Plus Penguins fans seem to hate him.

Centre of Leafs Nation wants to know where the new guy fits into the line up:

Oh! The Toronto NWHL team announced their name and logo, and boy is it all awful.

The logo looks like they press Shift+6+T in Wing Dings font, the colours are favouring the Ottawa Senators, and maybe it’s just me since I’m not from Toronto, but I’ve always hated ‘The Six’. Sorry, I’m not cool.

Anyway, that’s your news. Have a great day everyone, and remember: If you’re expecting a package, lock your dog up.