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Wednesday’s FTB: Finally. It’s game day.

et your snacks, get your drinks, get your smack talk ready. It’s Leafs vs Habs.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Montreal Canadiens

Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs will open the 2021 NHL season against their oldest opponent, the Montreal Canadiens. The two teams will play their 748th regular season game against each other - the Canadiens lead the all-time series 342-300-88-17 - and the Maple Leafs will be looking to get the win tonight after going 0-1-0-2 last season against the representatives of Puke City.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but last season’s first game against the Habs saw former Leaf Kasperi Kapanen pull one of the dumbest moves we’ve seen in a while:

The Canadiens would finish last season 24th, and after a couple silly moves they are now apparently Stanley Cup favourites?

Day drinking is the new cool thing for GM’s I guess.

The Maple Leafs however, made some very smart moves but they have a lot of work to do to get into our hearts:

To help you prepare for tonight’s game:

The game is on Sportsnet and TVA Sports tonight at 7:00PM.

Elsewhere in the news....

And around the league:

Dallas, wyd?


I drafted Seguin in my keeper league forgetting he’s out until April....

It’s the perfect time to launch a tier 3 hockey franchise!

Bold take.

The Bruins did something good?

In transaction news:

Claim Ned, Kyle!

Travis and the Flames have great Har-monic-y together.

Enjoy your day folks! It’s going to end great.