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From the Branches: Now, we have a Leafs free Saturday

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The schedule changed, now what do we do?

The Last Hours Of ‘The Five’ On March 3rd, 1992 Photo by Gilles BASSIGNAC/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

I was all ready to write about the Maple Leafs game tonight in Vancouver against the Canucks, but it was pushed back to Sunday night to allow the Canucks more time to recover from their time off.

This is a good change, but this leaves us with some free time on our hands. There are other games we could watch — Edmonton vs Winnipeg is now the 7PM Hockey Night in Canada game — but why would we? None of them are the Maple Leafs, so it’s all frivolous nonsense.

The Circle season 2 is out, which was a popular show last spring but I know nothing about it.

What you could do it get all worked up and mad about Zach Hyman’s fine for getting into a stick fight last game:

Or get excited about Rasmus Sandin joining the Leafs on their road trip.

There’s another star player on an awful team ending his season early:

Adam Lowry will be a Jet* for a long time coming:

The Avalanche have had their next few games postponed.

Finally, here’s a video that I thought was adorable because some of us need that right now.