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Thursday FTB: Maple Leafs management exit interviews

Lots of nothing was said.

NHL: MAR 20 Flames at Maple Leafs Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans, I’m here for my mandated morning links post and so I don’t get fined for not showing up to work.

Yesterday, the Maple Leafs gave their end of season exit interviews, excuses for yet another failure, and votes of confidence in these players.

First up, the big boss, Brendan Shanahan:

Out of context quote: “Those are very unique players, and hard players”

Then, we have Kyle Dubas:

Out of context quote: “Which is a great problem to have”

Sheldon Keefe:

Out of context quote: “Well, um, uh”

William, those interviews?

Yep. So here’s what we wrote yesterday in case you were like me and still mad and not talking about the Leafs.

Elliotte Friedman joined the Maple Leafs Hotstove podcast to talk about the Leafs future:

Playoffs are still happening, but do we care? The Habs won, the Jets* lost, other teams did stuff.

Habs won 5-3, but there was a bad hit from Mark Scheifele on Jake Evans as he was about to score an ENG:

Maybe the Leafs should have tried that.

Colorado is up two games to none on Vegas:

Other series have the Lighting up two over the Hurricanes and the Bruins and Islanders are tied at one each.

But, who cares, really?

Anyway, enjoy your day. I will see you in 3-4 days for another court mandated appearance.