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Tuesday’s FTB: News and notes and not much else

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You want some development camp interviews?

The Toronto Maple Leafs hold their prospects development camp Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Good morning Maple Leafs fans!

It’s mid-September, and we’re one month away from the start of the season, but we are still waiting on some big news to drop. With the season starting a couple weeks later than usual the news cycle is still a little behind schedule.

For now we have development camp highlights, which is a lot better than we had last week.

Here’s a refresher if you, like me, keep forgetting who Steeves is:

Steeves scored four goals in the final scrimmage of development camp. The kids are taking a few days off before the Traverse City prospect tournament this weekend.

Speaking of prospect, yesterday it was #6 in the Top 25 Under 25:

Nylander, no flow?

Is this a vision of the future?

The Morgan Rielly debate is one that will happen until the trade deadline. Then it becomes lamenting the Leafs decision.

It was Leafs media day, and two players want to reset their image:

Elsewhere in the news:

Finally, one of the stories that could be a precedent setter, Sylvain Lefebvre who was hired to be an assistant coach with the Columbus Blue Jackets back in June has been let go after the NHL’s vaccination policies were announced, and he is not vaccinated yet, and if he’s fired then it’s assumed he wouldn’t be getting the shot.

“We had to part ways with him because he couldn’t do his job. We need a coach,” Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen said. “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not allowed within 12 feet of the players. You can’t do your job as a coach. He couldn’t be in the locker room, couldn’t be in the coaches’ room, couldn’t be on the bench, couldn’t be on the plane with us…we need a coach.”

This is the second coach gone after the policies were announced, San Jose Sharks assistant Rocky Thompson stepped down as he could not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

That's’ what I have for you today. #5 in the top 25 comes out later, and we’ll see you then.