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Monday FTB: Weekend rumour round up

Someone wants Nick Ritchie?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

It's that's special time of year where we become inundated with trade speculation and rumours and we need to sort out what's what.

To start I'll point you to an older article from our own Acting the Fulemin about real vs fake rumours:

*Nick Ritchie*

On Hockey Night in Canada Elliott Friedman said the Maple Leafs were working on trading Nick Ritchie, even if it means retaining some salary. They'll keep up to $300,000 as that's the cost of buying him out in the off-season.

The former 10th overall pick has 2 goals and 7 assists in 33 games for the Maple Leafs who signed him to a 2 year deal with an AAV of $2.5 million this summer.

*Josh Manson*

The Maple Leafs are always brought up in pretty much every rumour but Josh Manson and the Leafs have been connected for most of the season.

Manson has a 12 team no trade list and word out there is the Leafs are on it.

Manson is a free agent after this season.

*Luke Schenn*

The former Maple Leafs first rounder who was once dubbed "Our Luke and Savior" at a certain blog is being connected to the Leafs by everyone on the internet. Whether it's just some people having a laugh or if the Leafs have actual interest, Schenn could add some physicality to the Leafs blue line, and brings that veteran cup presence that people always say you need.

Because Schenn won the Stanley Cup. Yes, with the Lightning. Who saw it coming?

There aren't a lot of great rumours yet, but we have five more weeks until the deadline and ignoring the salary cap I'm sure we'll hear about the Leafs being in on trading for Erik Karlsson or Carey Price or something.

Speaking of or something, there's a new podcast! About complaining!

Do better second line!

Jeff Skinner, yeah, Skinner, scored FOUR GOALS on the Montreal Canadiens as they continue to lose every game.

That's all I have. Oh, a football game was played too. Some sheep won I think.

Enjoy your day!