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FTB: Maple Leafs trade assets at deadline weekend

What could be gone this weekend.

COLLEGE HOCKEY: JAN 29 Minnesota at Notre Dame Photo by Joseph Weiser/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

With the 2022 NHL Trade Deadline coming up on Monday the league should be busy making moves over the weekend, doing all the big transactions away from the deadline, and making things difficult for the 18 hour broadcasts.

After making plenty of moves over the past few years, the Leafs cupboard isn’t as fully stocked as it once was, but here’s the things that could be on the move.

Draft Picks

2022: 1st, 2nd, 7th

Technically 7th is up for grabs if Brendan Menell pays 30 NHL games but who here remembers who that is? It’s safely Toronto’s.

3rd: Sent to the Flames for David Rittich
4th: Sent to Columbus in the Nick Foligno Trade
5th: Sent to the Ducks for Ben Hutton
6th: Sent to Columbus for Riley Nash

2023: Picks 1-6

Everything here is on the table aside from the 7th round pick, which was sent to the Penguins in the trade for Jared McCann.

2024: All picks available.


The full depth chart of signed Leafs is here:

Word on the street is Joey Duszak is up for grabs, but no other signed players have been rumoured.

In the unsinged category:

Untouchables?: Nick Abruzzese and Matthew Knies are talked about as in demand but also brought up as possible signings once their college seasons are over.

Forwards: Vladimir Bobylev, Nikolai Chebykin, Roni Hirvonen, Vladislav Kara, Semyon Kizimov, Veeti Miettinen, Joe Miller, Wyatt Schingoethe, and Ryan Tverberg.

Hands up if you’ve seen/heard of them.

Defenders: John Fusco, Mikko Kokkonen, Mike Koster, Kalle Loponen, Topi Niemelä, Ryan O’Connell, Axel Rindell.

Topi Niemelä is the top defense prospect, possibly the only one the Leafs won’t want touched, but also the only one anyone may want? Ryan O’Connell and Axel Rindells rights expire soon.

Goal: Vyacheslav Peksa

Did I make this name up? Who knows?

Will any of these players still be Leafs come Monday evening? Only time will tell.

In other news:

The Maple Leafs beat the Carolina Hurricanes last night, barely, but they did the job and Erik Källgren has saved 80 of 83 shots since making his NHL debut.

In other good news, veteran defender Mark Giordano wants to be a Leaf.

The big story last night was tracked Claude Giroux. He’s still in Philly...

He’s not going to Boston or New York, he said no to that.

Nothing is for sure yet with the Panthers or Avs.

But then a dark horse candidate emerged from nowhere:

Good luck in Atlanta Claude!

No Leafs game tonight, so enjoy time doing something a Leafs game!