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FTB: Trades continue!

Keep them coming guys. Don't save anything for the deadline shows!

Toronto Maple Leafs v Ottawa Senators Photo by André Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

Good morning everyone!

The NHL trade deadline looms and no one is holding back anything, making TSN and Sportsnet producers scream with rage.

There wasn't anything big last night (unless something happened after I went to bed at 9) just a couple moves for Ottawa and Vegas to dump dead weight off their rosters.

First up, Shea Weber was sent to the Arizona Coyotes along with a 2024 5th round pick in exchange for actively playing defender Dysin Mayo.

Weber hasn't played in a long time and is just there to help the Coyotes get to the cap floor. What a league we have.

Then the Ottawa Senators paid Chicago a 2023 2nd and 2026 4th to take on the contract of Nikita Zaitsev in exchange for future considerations.

Chicago is collecting picks for bad players, not a bad way to get rebuild assets.

The Canada Winter Games are in PEI this year and a hockey player from the Yukon is making waves.

Gavin McKenna has 20 points so far and is eligible for the 2026 NHL draft

The Seattle Kraken will be wearing a patch representing the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe as their jersey sponsor.

This is absolutely true. No public finding for major league arenas. The owners can easily afford it themselves.

Enjoy your day everyone!