Good morning readers!

The second big trade of deadline season happened last night and no, it still wasn't for the Maple Leafs.

The New York Rangers got their big move out of the way, bringing in a winger that wasn't the oft-rumored Patrick Kane.

Vladimir Tarasenko and Niko Mikkola Acquired From St. Louis Blues

Tarasenko is a UFA this summer, and the Rangers hope this will spice up their offense and keep pace trade wise with their cross river rival New York Islanders.

Will the Maple Leafs be the next team to make a trade? Kyle Dubas says maybe.

Leafs Practice Report: Kyle Dubas talks, Leafs make recalls, and injury updates following bye week

They did make one move, extending new defender Conor Timmins for two more years.

Leafs extend Conor Timmins

Let's go Leafs. Better to make a move sooner than later.

In the junior hockey world, the QMJHL is investigating an altercation between a player and a fan...

In a lot of junior rinks, away teams aren't given tunnels to enter/exit through and will usually go through doors in the corner that sees them enter/exit next to open seats. I've seen a few almost fights between players and fans here in Niagara.

This maybe something leagues will look into in the future.

Speaking of junior rinks, the PWHPA is working with OHL teams today and tomorrow to put on showcases.

This morning at 11AM in Peterborough Team Harveys will take on Team Scotiabank. Featured players include Marie-Philip Poulin (Harveys) and Mélodie Daoust (Scotiabank).

At 7PM it's Team Adidas vs Team Sonnett in St. Catharines with Sarah Nurse (Adidas) and Hillary Knight (Sonnett).

Tomorrow it will be Adidas vs Harveys in Barrie at 1PM and Sonnett vs Scotiabank in Kitchener.

Tickets are cheap for the skill that will be on display, and if you can get out there, do it.

OHL Presents PWHPA Showcase coming to Barrie, Kitchener, Niagara and Peterborough

All the best to Calgary Flames player Rasmus Andersson as he recovers from being hit be a car yesterday.

Finally, the Maple Leafs are back on action tonight!

They're in Columbus tonight at 7, game is on TSN. Then they come home to take on Columbus on their turf.

Home and home. Back to back. Against the worst team in the league.