Hello Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

I'm here with a reminder that the Maple Leafs game today is at 2PM!

Don't forget!

I will be at work and missing the game, but I hope all of our Swedish fans enjoy the game!

Speaking of Sweden, there's a profile of William Nylander up at the fanciest of blogs, The Athletic

The making of William Nylander: Born in Canada, raised all over, forever at home in Sweden
William Nylander moved all over North America with his hockey-playing dad, but his roots are in Sweden. This week, he’s home.

The Leafs social team asked the players to name their favourite Swedish player.

Alright, another video about the Leafs in Sweden.

If you can find out where to see it, there's a TV show out now based on Ryan Reaves great-great-grandfather.

‘It’s pretty cool’: Ryan Reaves talks about TV show based on his great-great-great-grandfather
The Toronto bruiser has learned a lot more about the history and importance of his distant relative Bass Reeves, who was one of the first Black deputy U.S. Marshals.

Max Domi is a whole new player for the Leafs.

Max Domi’s move to centre has been a win-win for the veteran and the Maple Leafs
Giving Domi a chance to be the team’s third-line centre has helped solve the team’s structural issues up front.

Seriously. Now?

NHL’s launching of NFT platform is a baffling move that speaks to league’s unoriginality
For better or for worse, NFTs had a moment but that moment is long past.

The Beaverton gets it.

NHL creates audience for its new NFTs by banning helmets
In addition to unveiling its own line of official NFTs, the National Hockey League has announced plans to attract player investment by phasing out protective helmets.

And finally... What has Alex Mogilny ever done to deserve being snubbed over and over again.

Hockey Hall of Fame tiers: Which current NHL players will make it?
From the immortal locks to the veterans with work left to do to the under-24 players that already appear on track, here are our picks.

Enjoy your day everyone!